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Central Printing helps non-profit
Carpenter Art Garden

Last month we were contacted through our website by an organization looking to print & mail postcards to get a message out to their supporters.  They had a limited budget and were drawn to our 10% discount promotion.  The organization is Carpenter Art Garden operating in the Binghampton area.  This is a non-profit that has built “a safe haven dedicated to helping kids in Binghampton create their best futures". This positive collection of colorful buildings wanted to let their supporters know they were vaccinated, open and grateful. We were able to advise them on how to register as a non-profit with the United State Postal Service, which allowed them to take advantage of deep discounts on the postage for this postcard mailer.  Once they were set up as a non-profit, we printed the postcards and got them out quickly.  Operations Manger Sarah Blackburn said of Central Printing –


“the communication with you about the project and your level of assistance with the post office was above and beyond. I had no idea I needed to register with the post office as a nonprofit”. 

Contact us today and let us help your organization.


Postcard printed by Central Printing and Marketing 

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