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Digital printing production area

Digital Printing Services

In today's world speed is everything. With a combined output capability of 350 8.5x11 color impressions per minute. Central Printing and marketing can output 21000 color pages per hour.


In addition to speed our newest digital press is profiled to G7 certification. This insures our clients consistent quality from project to project meeting or exceeding Offset press quality. 


With speed and unparalleled quality our digital printing capability provides a great choice when needing that special project in a hurry 

Konica Minolta C14000 digital press

Our Newest Digital Press

Recently installed the Konica Minolta C14000 has the ability to print 140 - 8.5x11 four color single sided sheets per hour. In addition it can print sheet sizes up to 26 inches. With its ability to maintain G7 certification its color rivals offset printing. 

We have been impressed with its ability to produce log runs and maintain color consistency. Truly a new era in digital printing.

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