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Redesign of the Central Printing and Marketing Website in a COVID-19 Environment

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

November 16th - Over the last 10 months our

Photo of newly redesigned website

business has declined nearly 40 percent. Most of Central Printing and Marketing's printing business was geared around events. When churches, schools, and fund raising events were shut down due to COVID over these preceding months, our volume of business plummeted due to cancellation of these events. What to do, what to do? Our sales team (Barry and Brian - sometimes me) has been hampered in finding new business or even former business - Offices that we normally visited are restricting entry. Even if the business or office is open, many of their employees are working from home. Our attention turned to the website. We need to get traffic into our website. Hence the re-design - We are looking at SEO keywords, Facebook posts and adding videos on the Central Printing and Marketing Youtube channel to drive in traffic and hopefully new customers. Please give us feedback, and let us know if you are willing to share a story about our company. Hopefully a good or funny story :-) Looking forward to a brighter future.

John - CP&M

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